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If you are still suffering today on your bicycle saddle, this email will certainly interest you.

One in three cyclists admit to experiencing pain on their saddle:

  • injury to sensitive flesh
  • burning feelings
  • irritated nerves
  • soreness during and after rides
  • prostate or tailbone discomfort
  • risk of impotency

It stands to reason that the longer you ride your bike, the greater the likelihood of experiencing pain.

That’s why saddles with flared or hollowed-out designs have appeared.

However these do not always solve these problems, because the shape of the saddle remains the same.

In fact, the areas that are in contact with the perineal zone remain the same and friction & irritaion of the soft areas of the perineum remain.

That’s why I want to introduce you to this radically different shaped model that is suitable for both men and women.

This saddle design may scare some, fearing others’ moquerie perhaps.
But it provides such a relief that trying it is adopting it.

  • It’s central flared portion frees from friction and avoids crushing nerves
  • People with prostate or tailbone problems will no doubt adopt it.
  • Women will appreciate the disappearance of whatever pain they are experiencing

You can read about our current offering by following the link below


As a reminder, you benefit from:

  • a -xx% discount
  • a free comfort saddle cover
  • free shipping
  • a 30-day satisfaction guarantee


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